Saturday, August 2, 2008


My maternity leave has drawn to a close. My first day back to work was a sad, sad, day for me. As I was leaving for work Amelia was crying uncontrolably (which is very unlike her) . Bette was there and I knew she was in good hands and I just had to leave my babe, crying. I almost cried on the way to work. I had to think myself out of the tears and blink them back while I was driving. I wanted to call and check on her but I forgot my cell phone at home. (I don't know Bette's number by heart, though I know I could have called Guy and he could have given it to me had I really, really needed to call.) The first day back was a little shakey, kinda like getting back on a bike for the first time in a while. You remember how to balance but just are not quite comfortable with all the gears and brakes, yet. By the end of the night I had my groove back and by the end of the second night I was rockin' and rollin' again. It did feel nice to get out and work again...but honestly I just really love being a mom right now. I am enjoying motherhood much much more than I ever thought I would. I LOVE it. I can not wait to have more. Honestly. I am a baby person...who knew. I sure didn't.

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