Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amelia Ruth Mattson

Amelia Ruth Mattson arrived @ 2:16am 5/1/2008.
What a wonderful May Day Surprise!!!

She has her mom's brown hair and her dad's dimpled chin. She looks lot like her daddy.
She is very strong. She could push her self on her side at 4 days old.
She also has a very strong neck and loves to look at everything she can.
One of the first things Amelia did was grab her mom's glasses and her cross necklace.

Amelia LOVES to eat! She was 7 lb 14 oz at birth, 7lb 4oz when we left the hospital (this is normal). Within two days she had gained back 4 oz and 2 days after that she had gained another 4 oz. Gaining weight at a rate of 2 oz a day!!! Way to go Amelia!!! Way to go moma's milk! (All I (Kristina) have to say is OUCH!!! and Yawn...)

Guy and I are tired and totally in love with our little girl.
Loving getting to know her more and more with each day.

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