Saturday, May 31, 2008

How time flies!!!

Amelia is growing by leaps and bounds. She is now out of most of her newborn sized clothing and wearing her 3-6 month clothes (Sniffle). Guy and I have enjoyed every minute of getting to know her. We love all the little sounds she makes and think we are deciphering her cryptic language of grunts, sighs, and cries. Guy's favorite sound she makes is this little grunt when she is frusterated. Ehh ehh ehh. My favorite sound is when she is in the groove eating she makes this little gulpy sigh as she swallows. So cute!

She already is starting to show a little more personality everyday. She is stubborn ( I think).

I wonder where she gets that from? When she is hungry and I am helping her latch she will arch her back, grunt and move her head from side to side. It is only when I set her head down and start over with her taking the lead (like it was her idea from the start to latch) will she latch. Also when I readjust her sometimes when she slips off her latch she won't relatch for me, even though she was eating like there was no tomorrow. It's only when I stop tickling her lip and ignore her for a moment she starts to open up and act like..."Hey why aren't you feeding me?" It gets a little frusterating sometimes BUT I guess I have to go with the flow and just let her do her thing.

Amelia LOVES Guy. She gives him her best little smiles when he tickles her with his beard on her face. Guy also is the "baby whisperer". He is a pro in baby calming. Just in the last couple days she has a little evening "cranky time". So we implement the "Happiest Baby on the Block" techniques.
It's a Mattson Team effort. I swaddle, Guy rocks her. When I try to do the "magical" rock and jiggle it doesn't work BUT when Guy does it she instantly and I mean INSTANTLY stops screaming and zones out. It is amazing! Amelia is a very chill baby most of the time. We feel VERY thankful that Amelia's cranky times are far, few, and brief. We can't imagine what it would be like to have her screaming for hours like "colicky" babies sometimes do. WOW those parents are AMAZING. I can barely handle her screaming for 15 minutes. It breaks my heart and sure can make a mom feel helpless fast!

Guy and I just bought a new 2 br condo in our building. We are planning on keeping our current 1 br condo as a rental. Introducing The Mattson's : Landlords. SO we are looking for a renter if you know of anyone in need of a 1br apt in the Merriam Park Neighborhood, near Summit and Mac/Groveland. Please let us know! :-) We are looking for a renter for July or August. So Amelia will have her own bedroom. YAY for mom and dad...though I don't know if I will be able to have her sleep alone in her own room anytime soon...that is so scary (for me). HA!

More news to come!!! THanks for reading

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