Monday, June 2, 2008

Amelia had her 1 month pediatrician check up today. She is 10lbs 8oz (90%) despite spitting up everything she eats! I was amazed! She also is 22 1/4 in long (90%). Dr. Sackett wasn't too worried about the fussiness, green stools, spitting up as long as she is gaining weight, wetting and stooling enough. In the wetting and stooling department she gets a gold star!!! I have the diapers to prove it. Actually I have a lack of quarters to prove it. We cloth diaper.

Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary. We are headed out on the town. Bette (Guy's Mom) was kind enough to offer to babysit...we had to pull her arm to do it. Just kidding she couldn't be more excited to babysit little Amelia. So I am defrosting milk...weird! Amelia took to the bottle like a champ. This allows me a little more freedom and also for others to get in on the act of feeding her. Guy and I are going to W.A. Frost's for dinner. I can't wait. But it will be weird to go out with out her. I don't have to worry though because I know she is in good, loving hands. Well gotta go. Thanks for reading!

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