Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moby Wrap Magic

Amelia was having another episode of "Cranky Time" this afternoon. I attempted to nurse her but she wouldn't have any of it. I was desperate so I thought "Moby"! That last time I put Amelia in it she spit down my chest. At this point I didn't care if I felt warm curdy chunks running between my cleavage as long as she was calm. I was double lucky today. No chunks and a calm baby! (see picture on the left)

Amelia looked a me a couple times and screamed. The screams started to weaken as I eased her head down on to my left chest. She put her ear down and my heart beat soothed her in to "Happy Baby Land" and "Happy Mom Land" :-) I also was able to get some things done around the condo too. Double duty! Amelia and I went for a walk around the neighborhood also.

I think Moby and I are going to have a long fruitful relationship. Thanks Morgan for my awesome baby carrier!

Part 2

Earlier in the afternoon Amelia and I met Kay and her little girl Gwen at Cafe Latte. Gwen is 12 weeks old and is so cute and petite. Amelia is about the same size as Gwen. Amelia is a little chunk! Well, not really Gwen is just long and lean and Amelia has 3+ chins :-) Gwen is so cute I which I had my camera with me . Kay had her in a little papuse/ sling carrier. She looked so cozy in there. It was nice to get out and see Kay before she has to head back to work. Her maternity leave ends on the 14th.

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