Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smiles and Trials

Sorry we haven't updated our blog in a while. On June 20th we closed on our new condo. It is a bigger unit in the same building . Last Saturday June 21st we called in the troups (Marky, Steve, Paul and Bette) to help us move. We are pretty much out of our old place and in our new place. Boxes, boxes everywhere! Amelia's pseudo nursery was torn down (sniffle). Now Amelia will have her own room, though she won't be spending nights alone in there anytime soon.

A couple days ago Amelia started to smile. Big, gummy, bright eyed smiles. Oh, how sweet and heart melting they are...also did I mention brief. SO we don't have a picture of one of her wonderful smiles YET but as soon as we do it will be posted.

Also, Amelia slept her first night through 2 weeks ago. A whole, continuous 6 hours! Though she hasn't been doing this consistently since she hit her 6 week growth spurt...we are still stoked!
Amelia has also started to hold her head up on her own for brief periods, started cooing and gooing. It is so precious! I can't wait for Grandma and Grandpa Campbell to see her. Boy are they going to be amazed by how much she has grown! Come home soon grandma and grandpa, we miss you!

Meal times are quite a trial for me (Kristina). Now that breast feeding doesn't hurt anymore, we have moved on to throwing up entire meals. I call her "Cottage cheese mouth". :-) It is a little laborious feeding her over and over again. Any suggestions I am all ears!

Sorry no pictures this time. I will post new ones soon!

Thanks for reading!!!
Kristina Mattson

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