Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Grandpa Mattson's

Today we visited Grandpa Mattson's for Father's Day. Steve and Pat were excited to see how much little Amelia has grown and changed in the two weeks since they had seen her. Amelia was wearing a special outfit given to her by Grandma Bette. I forgot about it and crossed my fingers it would still fit her as it was a newborn size. The dress and shoes fit; the bloomers did not. Her is a picture of Amelia in her Sunday's best.

Father's Day Part Two - Great Grandpa Thorbus

After visiting at Grandpa Mattson's in Big Lake we headed over to Great Grandpa Thorbus' in Crystal. We were a little late, but this time it wasn't MY (Kristina) fault. Amelia was hungry and Quinn was showing off his new "sidekick" cell phone to Guy when I realized it was a little after 3pm. We were supposed to be there at 3pm, whoops! So I finished Amelia up and we were on our way. At Grandpa's we were greeted by Aunt Sally and Vicky Powell, Uncle Tim and Aunt Judy, Grandpa Thorbus and Sharon. It was so nice to see everyone! Amelia stole the show (of course)! It was her first time meeting, "Great" Grandpa Thorbus and Aunt Judy. (She had met Uncle Tim briefly while I changed her diaper at his home the other day after hanging out with Sandra.) We celebrated the afternoon debating what else but politics. It wouldn't be a gathering at Grandpa's with out blood pressures rising discussing the current political status of our country. I am grateful Guy is there now to debate Grandpa. Guy can really get Grandpa spinning circles. But it's all in good fun! The last time we all got together Guy and Grandpa placed a bet on the Democratic Party Nomination. Guy bet him Hillary would not receive the nomination, Grandpa bet she would. Well, well, well...Grandpa pay up! We had to photograph the occasion.

Father's Day Part Three

Actually Part One

This morning Amelia got her Daddy a card and a book for the "Dad who is Best at Everything". It is a funny instructional how to be a dad.
I don't think he needs any help from a book.

From the looks of this picture
Amelia already has her Daddy "wrapped around her finger".

It was a really great First Father's Day! Thanks for reading!

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