Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Smiles and Trials

Sorry we haven't updated our blog in a while. On June 20th we closed on our new condo. It is a bigger unit in the same building . Last Saturday June 21st we called in the troups (Marky, Steve, Paul and Bette) to help us move. We are pretty much out of our old place and in our new place. Boxes, boxes everywhere! Amelia's pseudo nursery was torn down (sniffle). Now Amelia will have her own room, though she won't be spending nights alone in there anytime soon.

A couple days ago Amelia started to smile. Big, gummy, bright eyed smiles. Oh, how sweet and heart melting they are...also did I mention brief. SO we don't have a picture of one of her wonderful smiles YET but as soon as we do it will be posted.

Also, Amelia slept her first night through 2 weeks ago. A whole, continuous 6 hours! Though she hasn't been doing this consistently since she hit her 6 week growth spurt...we are still stoked!
Amelia has also started to hold her head up on her own for brief periods, started cooing and gooing. It is so precious! I can't wait for Grandma and Grandpa Campbell to see her. Boy are they going to be amazed by how much she has grown! Come home soon grandma and grandpa, we miss you!

Meal times are quite a trial for me (Kristina). Now that breast feeding doesn't hurt anymore, we have moved on to throwing up entire meals. I call her "Cottage cheese mouth". :-) It is a little laborious feeding her over and over again. Any suggestions I am all ears!

Sorry no pictures this time. I will post new ones soon!

Thanks for reading!!!
Kristina Mattson

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just Pictures!

Father's Day

Grandpa Mattson's

Today we visited Grandpa Mattson's for Father's Day. Steve and Pat were excited to see how much little Amelia has grown and changed in the two weeks since they had seen her. Amelia was wearing a special outfit given to her by Grandma Bette. I forgot about it and crossed my fingers it would still fit her as it was a newborn size. The dress and shoes fit; the bloomers did not. Her is a picture of Amelia in her Sunday's best.

Father's Day Part Two - Great Grandpa Thorbus

After visiting at Grandpa Mattson's in Big Lake we headed over to Great Grandpa Thorbus' in Crystal. We were a little late, but this time it wasn't MY (Kristina) fault. Amelia was hungry and Quinn was showing off his new "sidekick" cell phone to Guy when I realized it was a little after 3pm. We were supposed to be there at 3pm, whoops! So I finished Amelia up and we were on our way. At Grandpa's we were greeted by Aunt Sally and Vicky Powell, Uncle Tim and Aunt Judy, Grandpa Thorbus and Sharon. It was so nice to see everyone! Amelia stole the show (of course)! It was her first time meeting, "Great" Grandpa Thorbus and Aunt Judy. (She had met Uncle Tim briefly while I changed her diaper at his home the other day after hanging out with Sandra.) We celebrated the afternoon debating what else but politics. It wouldn't be a gathering at Grandpa's with out blood pressures rising discussing the current political status of our country. I am grateful Guy is there now to debate Grandpa. Guy can really get Grandpa spinning circles. But it's all in good fun! The last time we all got together Guy and Grandpa placed a bet on the Democratic Party Nomination. Guy bet him Hillary would not receive the nomination, Grandpa bet she would. Well, well, well...Grandpa pay up! We had to photograph the occasion.

Father's Day Part Three

Actually Part One

This morning Amelia got her Daddy a card and a book for the "Dad who is Best at Everything". It is a funny instructional how to be a dad.
I don't think he needs any help from a book.

From the looks of this picture
Amelia already has her Daddy "wrapped around her finger".

It was a really great First Father's Day! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend at Grandma's House

Weekend at Grandma Bette's. Bette babysat Amelia Saturday while Guy and I were out on the riverboat reception. Saturday Amelia and I spent the night at Gramma's house. It was Amelia's first sleepover and gramma couldn't be more excited. On Sunday Amelia attended her first church service, (She slept through it.) went to Culver's and went shopping with Mom and Grandma to all the occassional sales in Buffalo.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday Night on the St. Croix

Last Saturday Guy and I left Amelia with Bette and attended Gary's wedding reception. It was held on the Avalon Riverboat. This time I remembered my camera.

The boat boarded at 6:30pm and docked at 10pm. It went so fast, it was 10pm before we knew it. I forgot to take many pictures, darn. If you are reading this and were there and have some pictures of Guy and I please share!

My cousin Vicky and Gordy breakin'
it down on the dance floor

Gary's Rehersal Dinner...I forgot my camera, Doh!

Friday we attended my second cousin, Gary Blasek's rehersal dinner. It was held at my other second cousin, Gordy's home on lake Minnetonka. He had completely remodeled his house since I had last been there. All I have to say is, WOW! Their home is beautiful.
Everyone was at the rehersal dinner. I saw family members I haven't seen in over 5 years like Dick and Kay Zellmer, Nikki Butterfield Zizak, Mary Kay Butterfield, David and Gracie Engstrand, all the Blaseks. Amelia was quite popular! Everyone took turns holding her. I was regreting forgetting my camera. It would have been nice to have gotten a picture of Kay and Betty holding Amelia. It was nice for everyone to meet Guy also.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moby Wrap Magic

Amelia was having another episode of "Cranky Time" this afternoon. I attempted to nurse her but she wouldn't have any of it. I was desperate so I thought "Moby"! That last time I put Amelia in it she spit down my chest. At this point I didn't care if I felt warm curdy chunks running between my cleavage as long as she was calm. I was double lucky today. No chunks and a calm baby! (see picture on the left)

Amelia looked a me a couple times and screamed. The screams started to weaken as I eased her head down on to my left chest. She put her ear down and my heart beat soothed her in to "Happy Baby Land" and "Happy Mom Land" :-) I also was able to get some things done around the condo too. Double duty! Amelia and I went for a walk around the neighborhood also.

I think Moby and I are going to have a long fruitful relationship. Thanks Morgan for my awesome baby carrier!

Part 2

Earlier in the afternoon Amelia and I met Kay and her little girl Gwen at Cafe Latte. Gwen is 12 weeks old and is so cute and petite. Amelia is about the same size as Gwen. Amelia is a little chunk! Well, not really Gwen is just long and lean and Amelia has 3+ chins :-) Gwen is so cute I which I had my camera with me . Kay had her in a little papuse/ sling carrier. She looked so cozy in there. It was nice to get out and see Kay before she has to head back to work. Her maternity leave ends on the 14th.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Guy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary in style. We went to W.A. Frost for dinner.
I had the pork chop atop caramelized garlic polenta paired with a wonderful glass of Pinot Grigio. Guy enjoyed the Red Snapper with a glass of bourbon (small glass). Our waiter treated us to glasses of sparkling wine on the house to celebrate our anniversary. I am a light weight after not having anything to drink for almost a year. I couldn't finish the glass! :-) We concluded our night going out to a movie. We saw Indiana Jones IV. We liked it, it was a lighthearted action packed ride. Just what we needed. Though Amelia wasn't far from our minds...especially mine. I never thought it was going to be so hard to be away from her. I knew she was in good hands (Bette was watching her).

Today Amelia and I ventured out and met my aunt Sally and her daughter (my cousin) Vicky at Starbucks in Golden Valley. My other cousins Christopher and Katherine met up with us there. Kat is 7 years old and what a little talker. She told me all about all the baby clothes I should purchase at Target and especially wanted me to get a sweater for her. She also told me all about the baby toys and her favorite toys at Target. She was a very talkative intelligent little girl. Made me a little excited for when Amelia gets older, but I am enjoying every minute of her babyhood.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Amelia had her 1 month pediatrician check up today. She is 10lbs 8oz (90%) despite spitting up everything she eats! I was amazed! She also is 22 1/4 in long (90%). Dr. Sackett wasn't too worried about the fussiness, green stools, spitting up as long as she is gaining weight, wetting and stooling enough. In the wetting and stooling department she gets a gold star!!! I have the diapers to prove it. Actually I have a lack of quarters to prove it. We cloth diaper.

Today is our 1 year wedding anniversary. We are headed out on the town. Bette (Guy's Mom) was kind enough to offer to babysit...we had to pull her arm to do it. Just kidding she couldn't be more excited to babysit little Amelia. So I am defrosting milk...weird! Amelia took to the bottle like a champ. This allows me a little more freedom and also for others to get in on the act of feeding her. Guy and I are going to W.A. Frost's for dinner. I can't wait. But it will be weird to go out with out her. I don't have to worry though because I know she is in good, loving hands. Well gotta go. Thanks for reading!