Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been a while! Updates and proud mommy stuff

Amelia's one year picture! She is now currently almost 16 mo. old going on 5 years! Her personality is blossoming more and more each day. She is fiercely independent, but knows Mom or Dad are always nearby; no matter how much she pushes (or runs) away.
Her favorite activities are reading books, playing with dolls, kicking balls around, talking, mimicking, smelling flowers, climbing up on everything, wearing purses, brushing her teeth and hair, giving hugs and kisses, feeding herself with a spoon and retrieving things for mom and dad.
Her favorite foods are "BERRRIES", "CHEESE", "BABY"(Yobaby yogurt), "MOO" (milk), and baby carrots. She also loves black beans, hummus, pickles, and Tofu. She isn't much of a meat eater...so we are working on alt. forms of protein.
Her newest words are "Poopies", "Berries", "Hi Dad", "Toot Toot"(car) "Choot choot" (train), "Doodle doodle doo" (rooster), Cheese, Nanna, pop pop (grandpa) MomMaa (grandma), Mommm or momms (me) Choos (shoes), at (cat), Dag (dog), Beer (bear), baby, eeeys (keys), Nose, and NO!, mo mo (more). She also signs, more, all done, please and thankyou. She points to almost all her body parts when asked and knows her ABC's up to the letter d and sometimes e.
She points to words and says A, B...A..B...A..B..C..c..d..eeeee.....( I help her a little of course).

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Yay!! I'm glad you're workin on your blog again. I've got a new one up and running..I'm loving it. *hugs* to you all