Monday, November 24, 2008

Ideas needed

So Amelia has an aversion to pureed foods ever since her flu earlier in October. She was totally into solids and then...she won't have any of it. I have tried feeding her the food on my finger, eating from the bowl to make it seem like my food, getting different spoons, different places, different foods. Nada. (Well that isn't exactly true...she did kinda eat some apples the other night...but then the next day when she tried them again she didn't want anything to do with them.) I have also tried to make the puree thick and then just putting it on her tray to feed herself...nothing gets in her mouth. I am stumped and I can't keep up with her voracious appetite with breast milk so we are having to supplement with formula. I don't usually ask for advice on her...but I am on my knees. HELP!!! Thanks!


Jennifer said...

Don;t worry about it. Lily didn't take solids until 8 months. She was a big baby (95%). Plus all the solid foods provide little nutrients compared to breadmilk. She will eat when she is hungry. Just don't worry about it. Take two weeks off and start again with solids. And if she still isn't doing it, try two more weeks. All she needs is breastmilk... the minimal extra calories from solids don't make much difference now. It's just eating practice. That's all.

The Mattson Family said...

That is what I am thinking also. It was just going so well for a while and I just let her play with a spoon and finger feed her tastes of our food...which she likes...she likes curry and burritos. (funny that is what I lived on when I was preggers).