Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Storytime Fun

For the past two Tuesdays Amelia and I have attended the Red Balloon Bookshop for baby story time. What a delight the story teller Sara is! It's a great free fun activity for us to enjoy together.
If you ever attend come early because it is packed!

Breaking News!
Amelia is FINALLY cuting her teeth. We heard them "clink" on a drinking glass. I felt in there and sure enough, I felt the little buggers! I can't see them though. Guy was home at the time of discovery which was an awesome family moment to share. Our little gal is growing up!
In addition Amelia's favorite thing to say is..."ba ba bab bab bab ba aaaababa". So we are learning our b words. Bottle, bath, boy, bun, bird, brrr. She often sings back up on "Barbara Ann". "Ba ba ba baaaa" then I say "arann". She just laughs and giggles! SO much fun!

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