Sunday, December 7, 2008

Yoga baby

Downward dog, cobra, bug, cat stretch and child's pose. These are the many yoga positions I have seen Amelia in over the last week. She is unaware of her little inner yogi. I see it. Makes me smile as I join her moving and stretching. I never realized the innocence of yoga until now. Yoga keeps your body limber and young. No better example than a baby unaware of the poses using them to learn locomotion. I try to be as centered and present with her as possible.
But a part of me is excited for the day she says..."Mom let's do yoga together." And I will say, "Did you know you have been doing yoga since you were 7 months old?" (Smile)


Unknown said...

I believe you asked for posting ideas...task for the week, post pictures of Guy doing those poses on your blog.

The Mattson Family said...

Now that would be blog worthy!

karen o.e. said...

What a sweet pea! I love her yoga moves (and that outfit too. She'll have to teach Finnian "Mr Crash Bang Smash Climb" some moves.