Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baby shower fun!

Amelia is growing by leaps and bounds. She loves to stand holding on to hands. She has even balanced next to the coffee table with my help. Amelia now can turn over both ways and roll from her tummy to her back sometimes. She can get her butt up and her knees under her and her torso up with her arms...but hasn't quite mastered doing them both at the same time. I am cherishing the time I have with her not quite so mobile, though I am looking forward to this new stage of development.

Today we attended Cousin Isabella's baby shower. Isabella is Steph Eiden (Guy's step-sister's daughter) she was born in early September of this year. (Sorry I can't remember the exact date!) She is so darling. I don't remember Amelia being to little, but she was. Kinda...repeat...kinda makes me want to have another one.. just for a second but then the insanity subsides and I come back to reality. It was really fun to see all the great baby stuff Steph got. I was glad I didn't have to find a place for it all at home! Amelia was so well behaved the whole time. I was so blessed. She didn't cry once even though she was being passed around all day. She especially liked Aunt Nancy's necklace, earings and fun design on her shirt. (and looking down her shirt food in there for you!)

For those of you who know about my breast feeding woes. Amelia is starting to take more feedings at the breast. YES!!! She had 3!!! today. That is best she has done in months! I think it was part my fault too that Amelia started to strike. I needed to be more patient and calm. I think I was treating each feeding as a chore and not a wonderful time to bond with my daughter. I am sure she felt that and started her nursing strike. Tonight she actually refused the bottle and wanted the breast. That is a first. Wish us luck on lactaction journey. I also have a "Lactation Station" in the house too where all feedings take place. So Amelia has that routine and can know what to expect when we sit in the glider. We are figuring out our routine together. It's hard because as soon as we get a good routine going that works for me and for Amelia it is time for me to start my stretch working and it all is thrown out the window. Oh well, it will come. At least at this time Amelia is sleeping through most nights.

We started solids last week. Amelia loves pears. She is indifferent to rice pudding and apples. .I used my home made baby food. It was really great, easy to use and tasted great. No wonder why she gobbled it up. We are going to try sweet potatos next. Stay tuned for pictures.
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Kristina Mattson

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