Monday, September 15, 2008

First Day of School

Amelia had her first day at school last Friday. We started a birth-6mo ECFE (early child and family education) class. Of course she was all dressed up for her first day of school. Cute little purple onesie with an elephant and rainbow, hand knitted sweater (I didn't make it.) Little black bubble skirt and legwarmers (I made these). She looked like a little '80's baby. I loved it!!! A person in class said she reminded him of the movie "Flash Dance" and started to sing "She's a Maniac" to her. Very funny!!! I think Amelia liked class she was smiling and looking at all the other babes. Towards the end she was all tuckered out and fell asleep in my arms. Falling asleep in class...we'll have to work on that. But all in all it was a great fun time. Can't wait to go again this Friday.

Here is another picture of the leg warmers I made for Amelia.

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Jalen said...

SO adorable! I love the little 80's outfit! We had an 80's themed wedding reception so I admire her style:) She is growing up so fast!
Be well! Jen Warhol