Monday, September 8, 2008

Good intentions

I had good intentions of finally taking Amelia in for a professional portrait at Target (I had a coupon). As we were leaving the mall for Target Amelia puked up big time all over her cute little outfit. It wasn't meant to be. I remember seeing portraits of Marky and I that were everyday. My mom would decide on a whim at the store to have our pictures taken. I think those pictures of my brother and I were the best. We were not little kids squeezed into uncomfortable outfits and forced smiles. My hair a little wispy, my brother with drool on his shirt. We were happy and the picture captured happiness. So perhaps tomorrow or some other day I will on a whim have Amelia sit for a professional photo and it will hopefully capture my happy child and not a perfectly matched outfit. Happy is what is important.
I am happy. Being a mom rocks!

"Bumbo Time"

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