Monday, September 29, 2008

Sweet potatoes for Pumpkin!

Last week I started solids with Amelia. It was more of a "sensory experience" than a nutritional experience. Amelia spit it all out and made the cutest sour puss faces. So...we took a break from solids for about 4 days. Today I introduced Amelia to sweet potatoes. She gobbled them up. Very little spitting and squirting it out of her mouth. She finished a whole cube of food. I was impressed. She wanted to put the spoon in her mouth, herself. So I let her help me guide the spoon into her mouth. She is a very determined (AKA stubborn) little girl. (I love it!)

Here are some pictures Amelia's first tastes of Organic homemade sweetpotatoes I made for her. I also tasted the was REALLY good. And so fresh tasting...I was a little jealous of her lunch.

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Jennifer said...

i love the pictures!