Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guy meets "Bjorn" & Amelia's new friend

After a couple of months of persuading Guy to try the Baby Bjorn, Guy came home from work and said out of the blue, " I would like to Bjorn it over to cheapo with Amelia". I was AMAZED!!! It had been weeks since I had last suggested the Bjorn. Here are some pictures to prove he actually wore it. I think he liked it too!!! Amelia sported her Minnesota Twins hat for the first time. I have been looking forward to when this hat would actually fit her. (our bathroom in the background)

(yes, that really is a huge picture of Bob Dylan on the wall.)

Amelia's New Friend Bergan
One of my friends from book club Carrie invited me into her "Highland Park" mom group. It's so nice to meet up with other moms and touch base. It's also nice because we are all on the same page about many aspects of raising our little one which is awesome too! I meant to take more pictures of the girls and their babes but I forgot. Here is pic of Amelia with her new boyfriend Bergan. Watch out Finn you may have competition. :-) Bergan is about 2 weeks older than Amelia. Thanks Jenn B. for hosting mom group this time and for all the yummy treats!

Fun New Pictures to Share

Holding on to Mama while she sleeps. Too cute!

Our little "drama queen"

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karen o.e. said...

Finn has been out of the loop on this! He will be heartbroken!