Monday, October 13, 2008

Deflated bread

The bread I made while it tastes Ok it looks like a deflated balloon. I am not exactly sure what went wrong but I have some ideas. During the first rising I had to tend to Amelia so it nearly tripled in size. I punched it down and was going to put it in the loaf pans but I was interupted again and it rose again in the bowl. So I thought...well it should rise again right. So I shaped it and attempted to rise it a 3rd time in the loaf pan in a warm oven. (120 degrees, it was still cooling off from when I made the muffins.) The dough didn't really rise much but I baked it anyways. It is really dense and really crumbly. I didn't add too much flour I don't think. I don't know how well I kneaded once again Amelia was fussing. All Amelia wants is to be with me non-stop.This is why I am writing a second blog of the day as I can't really put Amelia down because she will cry and fuss. I can't cook like I had planned with her in my moby or in my arms. She is due for her next nap soon. Thank goodness!

Ok back to the bread. So does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix my bread. I want to try it again. I remember making bread as a kid...mainly pizza dough. I don't remember this being a problem...I was using white flour then. (I refuse to use white flour).

Here is a link to the recipe I used. I halfed it.

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The Mattson Family said...

Well I forgot the honey...that is why it is so sour!