Monday, October 13, 2008

Meal Plan Monday part II

Ok so last week I attempted "Meal Plan Monday" it was out the window by Tuesday. Having a 5 month old sure shakes things up!

So here is my attempt again!

B: Soaked Oatmeal
L: PB and J carrots, yogurt
D Shepards pie (Make extra for Joanna) steamed veggies from farmers market last week
side salads

Prep: make muffins(done), make bread(done), make turkey meat balls
Soak tortilla dough (I couldn't find tortillas that were big enough @ Super target so I thought...what the hay I'll make some..we'll see how it goes :-) Laundry!!!

B:Eggs and muffins granola and yogurt
L: Left over shepards pie, Spinach Salad
D: Baked penne w/ turkey

Prep: Soak flour for Guy's supersecret suprise flavor cake!
Make frozen cheese and bean burittos , Go to whole foods for Organic grains, drop off Amelia's library books. Drop off Shepards pie for Joanna if available. LAUNDRY!!!

B: Soaked oatmeal, mufffins and eggs
L: Left over Baked penne
D: Out for Guy's Bday!!!
Prep: Thaw chicken, Make bread crumbs

B: Granola and yogurt eggs and bread
L: leftovers or PB and J w/ spinach salad
D: Chicken strips, mashed potatoes and carrots. (left over salad)

Prep: Soak oatmeal, make lunch for friday

B: Soaked oatmeal, Eggs and home made granola bars
L: PB and J on the Run ECFE @ 11am Day Care @ 130 Work @ 3pm
D:Find your own!!! (left overs)

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