Wednesday, October 15, 2008

North Shore Get Away Part I

Last weekend Guy and I (Kristina) vacationed on the north shore of Minnesota on Lake Superior while Amelia spent the weekend at Grandma Bette's house. We left on Thursday and spent the night in Duluth.
Friday we headed up to Tofte and camped on Lake Superior at the Temperance River campsite. It was about 38 degrees and raining off and on throughout the night. The wind picked up during the night and it (the lake) was quite loud since we were only about 50 feet from Lake Superior!!!
It was quite chilly and uncomfortable for me (Kristina) as I forgot my pillows at the hotel in Duluth we stayed in Friday night. It was a fun experience though. We played cards games and Guy did card tricks with our tiny little book light I brought (thank goodness as all Guy brought in the way of flash lights were two mini tiny little mag lights that didn't work well).

While Guy slept like a log I was up from 830 when we went to sleep until 330 am. I couldn't get comfortable, the lake was SO loud and then on top of it every noise( including those of innocent leaves falling on the tent) had me on high alert. I grabbed Guy on several occassions,

"Did you hear that?"



"That's a leaf go to sleep...."

Saturday (the next morning) we headed out on our day hike up Eagle Mountain; the highest point in Minnesota. We started hiking about 11:15 AM and got back around 4:45PM. It was a 7 mile hike round trip. We had to watch every step we took for 7 mile which was too bad because the scenery was really beautiful. Here are some pictures from our hike.

At the top of Eagle Mountain

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