Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Update Blog


I have many updates to share

We purchased a new vehicle; a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherrokee Laredo. (The L is missing from the decal So I call it our "Aredo". And joke it is a designer knock off Laredo.) We sold the little green 2002 Sentra. :-( She was sold to a 16 year old girl who was "STOKED" to buy it and even featured it in a music viedo she made. She even have her a name. "Dill" So I am glad "Dill" has a loving home!

This summer we bought a new condo (well it's not "new" but you know what I mean.) We took advantage of the slumping market and our good credit. It has 2 bedrooms and a pantry. I realized my youth was over when I got really excited about having a pantry. Amelia has her own room. Her nursery colors are pink and brown. Her room is still a work in progress. I am enjoying putting it together and having one room in our home I solely decorated. (Bette helped paint the walls)

We are now land lords. We rent out our old condo. It is a weird feeling to be collecting rent rather than paying it. A good weird feeling.

Guy started a new job at Burke and Thomas working as an assistant of sorts for one of the partners. Even if Guy doesn't get hired on as an attorney after he graduated law school it will be great experience on his resume.

Amelia is 5 1/2 months old!!! She is rolling over left and right and now can also roll from her tummy to her back. She can get her legs under her and scoot a little too. It won't be long until she is scooting all over the place.

GUY IS TURNING 30!!! Yep, Guy is an old man. Be sure to let him know!

I (Kristina) am still working at the U of M. Though they are laying off about 100 full time positions there. I think I am safe as there are many people below me in senority (whew!)
I thought nursing was safe!?!?!? The recession it affecting everyone.

Amelia started solids about 1 month ago. She wasn't really into it at first so we backed off. Now, whoah watch your food if you are holding her and eating because she will try to snatch the food right out of your hands. She loves apples, pears, sweetpotatos, green beans and LOVE LOVES Avocados (yep Lippolds she loves Avocados). Guy and I don't love the Avocados but that doesn't mean that Amelia can't like them. I wish I did they are so good for you! So I am glad Amelia is getting all those good fats and vitamin E.

Guy and I just got back from a weekend away to the north shore. We hiked up the tallest "mountain" in Minnesota. It was a 7 mile hike. I am STILL sore! Beautiful fall colors. We camped one night to save some mula and froze our little bottoms off...well I did. I was not a happy camper. :-) All and all we had a great trip. Amelia was with Grandma Bette for the weekend. (Pictures will be posted soon!)

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