Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sick little pumpkin

Amelia has her first cold. It was inevitable. Little Finn (Amelia's buddy) and many other people Amelia has come in contact with in the last week have had the sniffles. Amelia started throwing up at Karen's (she watches Amelia during the week) about 8 times!!! Poor little pumpkin! Luckily Bette was scheduled to pick up Amelia early since Finn was sick. Karen told me she let Amelia throw up on her about 8 times...when she was holding Amelia little Finn fell and bonked his head and started to scream. So she had to switch for a second and put Amelia in the car seat and she threw up some more ( I think?) I heard Amelia was a little soiled when Bette picked her up and gaggy. Man oh man I felt bad for my Amelia and for Karen. Just as long as little Amelia was OK which she was. I know Karen must have changed her clothes because a different outfit was soiled than what I sent her there in. All in all I think Karen did a good job and I didn't know Amelia was going to be a puke monster! Thank goodness Bette was there to help rescue Karen and care for Amelia.
Today Amelia was super clingy and only wanted to nap in my arms. We learned about nasal bulb suctioning those snot bubbles. Amelia actually let me do it a few times without fighting me. No throwing up for me today. I introduced a new food (pumpkin) to Amelia the day of puke fest. So perhaps that is our culprit. Note to self: do not introduce a new food on the same day Amelia has daycare. So for now no more pumpkin for the Pumpkin. I had some of the canned pumpkin I fed Amelia and I felt fine.

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